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Terms of Use

• To opt for certificate and job assistance one needs to clear screening round with 70% passing score.
• Only management has the authority to amend, transfer, or reschedule a batch (if required).
• NG Networks maintains the right to refuse admittance at any moment and without any explanation.
• The candidate should be aware that a break is defined as a prolonged leave from the course/program with NG Networks' authorization. Transfer is the process of moving from one batch to another.
• Only once the applicant has paid the entire course fee and at the discretion of management, break/transfer for a course is approved. If a candidate defaults on a fee, he or she must pay a re-admission charge equal to 10% of the course value.
• The candidate must apply to his or her programme coordinator for a break or transfer. The decision will be made depending on the necessity or urgency of the situation. In the case of a transfer, an appropriate batch will be assigned for restarting the course depending on the availability of seats.
• A pause between courses can last up to three months, and a course can only have one break at a time
• During a candidate's break, there may be a change in course structure, up-grading, or dropping of a course. In this case, the candidate must either decline admission or enrol in a different course and pay the difference in course fees. In such cases, requests for fee refunds will not be considered, and NG Networks will not be held liable.
• If the course fee is revised while the candidate is on break and re-joining, the candidate must follow the new fee structure.
• Sharing our study materials, class links, or any other internal information may result in instant dismissal and legal action.
• When candidate apply for admission, candidate agree and understand that candidate’s job is entirely dependent on candidate’s knowledge and abilities.
• In any of the conditions, a candidate's admission is not transferable to another candidate.
• NG NETWORKS' courses are up to date, and they are updated as needed to meet industry needs. There can be modifications in the course framework as and when required.
• Even though a candidate is registered, if a batch is deemed full, the First Come First Serve approach will be used to pick applicants in that batch, and the remaining candidates will be considered advance registrations for the next forthcoming batch for the same course.
• After completion of the course the candidate will be provided the certified Diploma certificate from the institute only.Admission
• Admission to any course is based on the Institute's current eligibility requirements, and the Institute has the right to reject admission to any candidate. If the candidate's documents or information appear to be incorrect or fabricated, the candidate's admission will be revoked with immediate effect.
• Admission to a course will be confirmed if a candidate pays the course fee at least 7 days prior to the course start date.
• Candidate’s admission is regarded complete only if the following steps have been completed:
• Payment of Fees: Admission fees and part of the course fees.
• Documentation:§ A completed admission form with the applicant's signature.§ Address Proof§ Copy of mark sheets from recent examinations (e.g., Class X, XII, Graduation, and others as appropriate)§ Two passport-size photos

Fees :
• Candidate must pay full course fee, as per the installment plan (if any).
• The fee (part / full) once paid shall not be refunded under any circumstances.
• In case candidate do not pay the Fees by due date, late fee charges will be applicable. Rs 100/day in case of certification / Customized training program and Rs. 800/day in Job guarantee program
• If candidate's cheques is dishonored, he/she will not be allowed to attend the class. If any candidate is not able to pay the outstanding fee within the notice period, his/her admission to the course, shall be cancelled and the fee already paid shall not be refunded. Cancellation & refund policy: Under the following situations, a candidate's admission will be deemed as "cancelled":
• Failure to attend 5 consecutive lessons without prior authorization or notification.
• Acts of indiscipline: Any breach of discipline shall result in immediate admission revocation without notice or explanation.
• A candidate who takes a break without following the proper procedure is deemed a dropout and will lose his or her candidateship/studentship. Only at the discretion of management, such a candidate may be permitted to continue his or her studies.
• Unable to submit the fee on time.
• Personal issues including health, financial, timing, unnotified leaves will not be eligible for refunds.
• Attendance criteria- monthly 85% & above mandatory, 100% video visibility to proceed further.
• Securing 70% marks minimum in screening round is mandatory.
• Guardian’s info such as email and contact number to be taken at the time of admission and if no such info is given, candidate will have to sign saying that only he/she is the concerned person.
• No refund will be provided if batch assigned to the candidate.

Job Guarantee program :
To be eligible for our Job Guarantee or Pay Back program, candidate must complete his/her Real-time training with passing score of 70%.
· All interviews will be organized with the candidate's cooperation only, and the candidate must attend all planned interviews with NG Networks' employment references. If candidate do not want to apply for employment or do not show up for planned interviews, candidate will not be eligible for a refund.
· For candidates enrolled in the Job Guarantee program, we begin submitting candidates resume to employers after the course is completed and all assignments are completed within the validity period.
· Only applicants who have registered for the Job Guarantee program are eligible for this cash back scheme. Those who have paid the entire course/registration price.
· We promise that candidates will receive a salary package upto INR 9 lacs per annum, based on the achieved scores. Essentially, it is determined by the candidate's knowledge and ability.
· If candidate follow the terms and conditions listed above, there is no limit to the number of interviews a candidate may have via us.
· Every applicant should be aware that working in the business world needs effort, knowledge, and commitment. In order to pass the interviews, it is exclusively the candidate's responsibility to study hard and build technical and communication skills.
· We don't want candidates solely interested in acquiring a job after completing their degree without learning. We want only dedicated candidates to enroll and we seek their serious efforts during the course since their performance throughout the course would impact our placement and success rates.
· Post-job guarantee: Job termination due to inappropriate training material or anything linked to the institute will be managed. No other justification will be considered.

• Max 1 year support will be provided to study, if any candidate still fails, he/she will have to go for re-admission and penalty charge of 5-10% as per the current time fee will be levied.
• Attendance criteria- monthly 85% & above mandatory, 100% video visibility to proceed further. Securing 70% marks minimum in all 3 semesters mandatory.
• Only 1 week for refund with “no questions asked”. After that the refund tab will be activated after 6 months and in case of no placement, refund will be provided.
• Guardian’s info such as email and contact number to be taken at the time of admission and if no such info is given, candidate will have to sign saying that only he/she is the concerned person.

Others :
• The candidate must have a strong academic and practical understanding of the course.
• All applicants and candidates must adhere to fundamental public and classroom etiquette as well as candidate behaviour guidelines.
• NG Networks has a strict no-tolerance policy when it comes to misbehaviour with teachers, trainers, or personnel.
• Candidates are not authorised to engage in any unlawful or unethical behaviour while at the institution, including, but not limited to:
*The use of alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, tobacco, or any other illicit substances
*Violence and abusive behaviour - including physical or verbal abuse, sexual assault, causing or threatening to cause harm to others' health, safety, or well-being, theft, illegal possession, destroying or damaging institute property, or carrying inflammable articles or harmful weapons of any kind; interfering with or disrupting institute activities or services.
*Removing or misusing any institute-owned equipment, book, component, instrument, or other thing that he or she is not authorised to remove.

*The above-mentioned terms and conditions are subject to change at any moment.