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Unlock the power of SD-WAN to transform your network

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Language : English and Hindi

Instructors : Rahul Ratnakar

About the course


SD-WAN is an innovative technology that revolutionizes wide area networks (WANs) by improving agility, performance, and efficiency. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of SD-WAN concepts, architectures, deployment models, and benefits. Discover how SD-WAN simplifies network management, enhances security, and optimizes application delivery across geographically dispersed locations.

Key Highlights:

  • Explore SD-WAN concepts, architectures, and deployment models
  • Learn how SD-WAN improves network agility, performance, and efficiency
  • Discover the benefits of SD-WAN for enterprise networks

What you will learn:

  • Understand SD-WAN fundamentals
    Grasp the basics of SD-WAN, including its history, terminology, and key components
  • Explore SD-WAN architectures
    Dive into various SD-WAN deployment models, such as branch-to-branch, branch-to-data center, and cloud-based
  • Learn about SD-WAN benefits and use cases
    Discover how SD-WAN improves network performance, simplifies management, enhances security, and enables cloud migration
  • Get hands-on experience with SD-WAN deployment
    Gain practical skills by configuring and deploying SD-WAN solutions in simulated environments



What should I do, if I miss a lecture?
Well, you can never miss any single class with NG Networks. When learners miss their live online session then we provide pre-recorded lectures to the students so that they can learn whenever they have time.
Will I get placement assistance after completion of the course?
Yes, we will help you grab the job as per your calibre as we offer placement assistance facility. We will build your professional resume and help in the hunt for the best opportunities for you.
What should I do if have any doubt after the completion of the course?
We offer 24*7 Support to all students for a lifetime. So you can ask your question whenever you have any doubt.

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