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About the Policy:

This policy explains when you will visit NG Networks, what sort of personal information will be gathered and how particular information will be used. Please make a note that this policy applies to the main web pages (http://www.ngnetworks.in/)

All faculties, colleges, divisions, libraries, academic services, centre, collection of institutes run and maintain a website on http://www.ngnetworks.in/. Our website provides you with terms & conditions along with the information relating to the activities carrying on the training centre. For further information or any query, you can visit the website.

Changes to our Privacy Policy:

Whatever changes we make in our privacy policy in the future will be posted on this current page and where appropriate, notified to you via email.


Any concerns or queries related to privacy should be sent by email to http://www.ngnetworks.in/. You will get the answer within 10 business hours.