NG Networks | 100% Job Guarantee | Cisco Training

NG Networks | 100% Job Guarantee | Cisco Training


NG Networks offers course in palo alto firewall in order to provide in-depth knowledge in it. Palo Alto Networks training provides knowledge of new generation firewalls needed to protect the network and safely activate applications. These courses offer practical lessons in Platforms And Architecture, Initial Configuration, Interface Configuration, IP Routing, Security And Nat Policies, Ssl Decryption, Url Filtering, File Blocking (Google Mail), anti Virus, Site To Site Vpn, User Identification Using Active Directory (Without An Agent), Captive Portal, Management, Reporting And Logging.

The course which is available for those who are interested to work in the IT & Networking sector as well as gain in-depth knowledge of designing, installing, configuring, maintaining as well as troubleshooting various implementation in Palo Alto networks. The training will help one gain the understanding of next-generation firewalls and learn how to configure and manage firewalls as well as multiple firewalls with Panorama, plus an understanding of how to mitigate threats with WildFire or Traps. From learning about the administration, management, and use of GUI and CLI, to managing of password and certificate, log forwarding, updating PAN-OS software, configuring Interface, QoS, VLAN Objects, Su interfaces, Virtual wire, as well as security zones, the students are taught about Interface Management, Routing Protocols (OSPF), virtual routers, IPv6, DHCP, DMZ, NAT configuration as well as about security policies.

NG Networks offers the best training module for IT & Networking courses with 100% practical training and real-time experience, as well as 100% job placement guarantee which is just like professional placement agencies in Delhi NCR. With NG Networks one can get training in the course they are interested in and get jobs at the best IT MNCs in India. With the innovative training methodologies used at the institute and the kind of trainers that they have there is no doubt that the placement services they offer are better than the best recruitment companies in Delhi NCR, and NG Networks is one of the best institute for IT & Networking Cisco certified courses.

  • Features of next-generation firewall architecture
  • Basic & advance configuration of the firewall
  • Configure interfaces, security zones & policies, content profiles
  • Set up basic operation of User, Content, and App IDs
  • Enable VPNs and SSL decryption
  • Reviewing logs, writing basic reports
  • Configuration of active-passive high availability (HA) pair
  • Cyber security to prevent Opportunistic Attacks