NG Networks | 100% Job Guarantee | Cisco Training

NG Networks | 100% Job Guarantee | Cisco Training

One to One Training

We Value Each Student

NG Networks has become one of the major institutes for those who are seeking a career in IT and Networking. With its 100% placement program and its premiere real time training module, NG Networks has not just been able to offer record breaking industry placements like the best recruitment company in Delhi NCR, but also polished and shaped the career of many IT professionals who were looking for enhancing their technical skills and get a hike in salary or get promoted. The kind of module set for the training courses offered by NG Networks has been designed after rigorous thought and analysis of the students' learning capabilities and grasping power. Each and every student is paid attention to. From helping the students improve their communication skills to making them a technical pro at handling IT & Networking devices, the courses offered at NG Networks make the students one of the favourites of IT recruiters, with no chance of not getting a job.

One key aspect of NG Networks is its concept of individual attention. Whether it is communications or technical training, every person is of equal importance here. Therefore, while we train in batches and expect people to be eased out in various situations, we do not leave them high and dry should they face difficulties. The technical classes commence with batches but students are allowed to join in anytime during the proceedings. It is well understood that different people have different learning curves which is why topics are approached and explained again if a student faces trouble understanding a concept. This kind of 100% practical training offered by one of the best institutes in Delhi NCR for IT & Networking courses, has made NG Networks the top choice of students.

The problem in India that has lead to more number of IT graduates but less number of students getting employed has arised due to lack of technical knowledge. Mr. Nitin Goswami, the founder of NG Networks, has tackled the problem very carefully by offering complete technical expertise in various dimensions of IT & Networking. The new concept also consisted of a module where the focus is on acquiring knowledge and getting trained by the industry's most eminent experts, rather than on getting marks, passing the exam, and acquiring certification. This has lead to making the students fearless when it comes to exploring their natural instincts and choosing the career in which they are most wanting to build a career. NG Networks train these IT & Networking enthusiasts in their chosen courses and not only does help them polish their interview skills, but also promises 100% placement guarantee in India. The institute provides guaranteed job placements to its students depending on their knowledge and skills, with a package of up to 4 lacs to 12 lacs per annum, these services being better than other professional job placement agency in Delhi NCR.

NG Networks follow a four step module for training the students in the best possible way and helping them achieve the best level of knowledge and expertise during the courses. Communication skills are polished through teachings of English grammar, sentence formations, and exercises than encourage English speaking as well as exercises focused on confidence and personality building, such as role plays and presentations. Apart from communication skills, one of the main focus is given to technical skills, rather than theoretical knowledge. Here courses with high demand in the industry, such as Cisco certified course CCNA, Cisco certified course CCNP, Cisco certified course CCIE, are taught with attention on practical learning, making NG Networks the Best Institute for Cisco CCNA, Cisco CCNP, Cisco CCIE course training in India, and one that promises 100% job placements. After communication skills and technical skills, it's time for imparting real time knowledge with real time scenarios that help students in understanding the issues faced by IT & Networking professionals and take a problem solving approach to tackle the issues. Once real time knowledge is given, the students are taken out in the industry itself for work experience during the real time training module, one of the game changing areas of teachings in the IT & Networking sector, helping students to behave like professionals much before they are actually placed. This helps them understand what to expect from their job profiles and prepare them to take up the world of IT & Networking professionals with confidence.

One to One Training in Delhi |NCR is provided by NG Networks, one of the most reliable and amazing One to One Personal Training Institute in Delhi |NCR for students even from Noida, Gurgaon.

NG Networks allows every student to grow in his own way, and the trainers are very encouraging as well as supportive, helping each student to open up, solve their problems, get hands on technical knowledge, and improve their professional skills to be able to get a high paying job in the future. The one on one training module helps the trainer to understand the needs of each student and tackle his problems with special notice to his shortcomings and strengths, helping the student in the best possible way to overcome his weaknesses and making them the best candidates for IT & Networking jobs offered at the end of the course training through NG Networks 100% job placement guarantee module.