NG Networks | 100% Job Guarantee | Cisco Training

NG Networks | 100% Job Guarantee | Cisco Training


NG Networks offers security expert course for those who are enthusiastic to work in this line of IT & Networking. The course teaches the students about the concepts and technologies used in security for networks, applications, mobiles, and computers, keeping in mind the ethical hacking techniques. From learning reconnaissance, both passive and active, to Nmap networking and scanning evasion, the course help students get acquainted with social engineering and packet crafting as well as testing techniques for ARP Poisoning -MITM, SMURF Attack, SYN Flooding, and IP Spoofing. Hping and Scapy, with techniques for online and offline Password Cracking and testing of various HTTPS, SNMP, SMTP, NTP, VPN, DNS, FTP SMTP, SSH, Firewalls as well as a number of Database Servers such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, with firewalking, telnet testing, and DNS Cache Poisoning, are taught during the class.

Another aspect of this course is vulnerability discovery through Security Advisories Search and scanners- Nessus. The training also helps one to understand the msf modules such as Auxiliaries, Exploits as well as Payloads and attacking Windows & Linux services with Wireless Security. The understanding of 802.11 Standard, War-Driving, Hidden SSID, Packet Types, MAC Filtering, WEP attacking, Weak IV, RC4, WiFi network authentication as well as replay and chop chop attack is imparted to the students. Besides that Network Security Audit with reviewing architecture, auditing devices, nipper configuration, and rule based firewall auditing as well as Oracle and MS SQL Database Security plus OS security for windows and linux server are taught. Application and mobile security also form a major part of the course to help students understand and become acquainted with it. This includes working with the Proxy - Burp suite, identifying vulnerabilities, issue attacking, analysis and countermeasures as well as security testing i.e. risk based business logistics, threat modeling, and a knowledge of source code and ESAPI Security.

NG Networks offers the best training module for IT & Networking courses with 100% practical training and real-time experience, as well as 100% job placement guarantee which is just like professional placement agencies in Delhi NCR. With NG Networks one can get training in the course they are interested in and get jobs at the best IT MNCs in India. With the innovative training methodologies used at the institute and the kind of trainers that they have there is no doubt that the placement services they offer are better than the best recruitment companies in Delhi NCR, and NG Networks is one of the best institute for IT & Networking Cisco certified courses.

Course Depiction

Configuring Basic & advance server
  • Load balancing and persistence concepts
  • Managing scripted monitors
  • Modifying traffic behavior, and SSL offload
  • Implementing iRules, SNATs, SDNS & GTM
  • Highly Availability, including Sync-Failover and Sync-Only device groups

  • Basic & advance configuration of ASM module such as
  • Web application vulnerabilities
  • Security policy deployment
  • Handling static and dynamic parameter
  • Real traffic policy builder
  • Configure login enforcement and user tracking
  • ASM iRules

  • Security technologies including
  • Packet filter firewall
  • Next generation firewall
  • Application gateway firewall
  • Stateful Inspection
  • Intrusion prevention systems

  • Enterprise security design.
  • Next gen firewall packet flow.
  • Firewall security policy attributes.
  • Network address translation
  • Security policies enforcement
  • User based policy enforcement
  • Threat prevention through Web filtering & Gateway AV
  • SSL and IPsec VPN technologies
  • Troubleshoot firewall with debugs and audit logs