NG Networks | 100% Job Guarantee | Cisco Training

NG Networks | 100% Job Guarantee | Cisco Training



NG Networks offers Job Based Programme to its students, which is focused on bringing out the best in IT & Networking enthusiasts who aim to get placed in the industry with a good package. Job Based Programme consists of various levels that offer from upto 4 lac per annum package to upto 12 lac per annum package to its students. NG Networks is one of the best institutes for job placements in Delhi NCR that offers 100% job placement services in Delhi to its student on the completion of their training module. The Job Based programme entails the best module which focuses on the most important part of a candidate's skills, knowledge, and personality, to ensure that they can be placed at the end of the course with the best IT companies in India after the training.

The Job Based Programme offered by NG Networks consists of 5 levels. These are L1 Network Data, L1+ Network Data, L2 network Data, L2 Network Security, L3 Network Data. Anyone can take the first level and get a job, or gradually go up the number of levels, to ensure a higher package than before. These courses are short term courses and can be completed from 1.5 months to 8 months. The L1 Network Data training can be completed in 1.5 months. After the completion of this level, the candidate can be placed with one of the IT & Networking firms in India with up to 4 Lac per annum package. If one wants to increase his knowledge in, they can take the L1+ Network Data course and complete it in another 3.5 Months to ensure a job package of up to 6 Lac per annum. One who completes the next level as well, the L2 network Data which is of 5 months duration is eligible to get up to 8 Lac per annum. Students who want to add up on their technical skills can take the L2 Network Security training course which is of 6 months duration and promises a job placement with up to 10 Lac per annum package. The Last level in the NG Networks Job Based Programme is the L3 Network Data course which trains students in 8 months and places them with the top IT & Networking companies in India with a package up to 12 Lac per annum.

The training offered at NG Networks is one of a kind. The institute is the first one to introduce the real-time training module, and offers 100% practical training to its students. The trainers are well established industry experts who share their knowledge, and expertise in an encouraging way with the students that helps them to gain confidence and make initiatives. NG Networks trains students directly for the job they are interested to get into, without any stress over examinations or certifications, thus helping out the students better than a professional job placement agency. Delhi has a large number of IT & Networking enthusiasts and NG Networks is a great place for them to get trained. The Training program follows a four step module that encompasses training from personality to technical knowledge, to hands on training and enhancing the skills as well as preparing them for the job placements.

The record breaking industry placements of NG Networks have made it the premium institute that students choose to get placed directly after training. Those who are looking for job placement services in India are first focusing on improving their technical knowledge and skills and to develop their personality through the individually focused training they get in NG Networks. Introduction to communication and English speaking with special focus on pronunciation, sentence construction, grammar, vocabulary building, and personality development through role play and presentation, help students interact better and confidently during class and resolve their queries without hesitation. After the communication training, the students are trained on the technical aspect with trainings on CCNA Routing & Switching, Packet flow concept, Monitoring tool, Ticketing tool, Basic Of CCNP as well as ITIL. NG Networks, which is the first institute to introduce the real time training module in the market uses real time scenario, SLA, detail of projects, and service delivery concepts. After real time knowledge, the students are deployed in running time environment for getting relevant experience by working in real world of network domain. This help its students learn the process of working of network devices in running environment of MNC's to help them gain first-hand knowledge of as well as experience the ambience of the IT & Networking industry during the course itself.

To get Job based Training in Delhi/ Noida/ Gurgaon, students come to register for the Job based programme Training in Delhi NCR at NG Networks institute.

NG Networks is one of the fastest growing IT & Networking training and placement institute that has dedicated its services to offer the best training to IT & Networking enthusiasts and help them achieve their dream of working for some of the top companies in India as well as abroad. NG Networks offers courses such as Cisco CCNA, Cisco CCNP, and Cisco CCIE, to make sure its students are placed with the best organizations from the Networking industry.