NG Networks | 100% Job Guarantee | Cisco Training

NG Networks | 100% Job Guarantee | Cisco Training

Cyber Security

NG Networks offers best IT & Networking course training for cyber security. This course will provide you the in-depth knowledge and understanding of cyber security with the real world practical problems and solutions. The students of NG Networks institute get Lab Access facility and access to virtual racks. Certified instructors and experienced trainers directly from the industry constantly support student engagement. By helping students prepare for the communicative as well as practical or technical interview rounds for reputed companies in India, NG Networks has placed many candidates successfully.

With increasing cyber breaches in India as reported by PWC, which states that breaches incidents have spurted to 117% in the country, companies are looking for trained personnel who can develop innovative security solutions in order to mitigate cyber attacks. The cyber security course at NG Networks institute teaches how to assess vulnerability. Students and IT professionals learn about penetration testing, malware analysis, building as well as maintaining layered security architecture. The course offers hands on lab training and understanding to students with basic knowledge of computer and OS fundamentals. Experience or knowledge of software development, assembly and C programming languages is a plus!

NG Networks offers the best training module for IT & Networking courses with 100% practical training and real-time experience, as well as 100% job placement guarantee which is just like professional placement agencies in Delhi NCR. With NG Networks one can get training in the course they are interested in and get jobs at the best IT MNCs in India. With the innovative training methodologies used at the institute and the kind of trainers that they have there is no doubt that the placement services they offer are better than the best recruitment companies in Delhi NCR, and NG Networks is one of the best institute for IT & Networking Cisco certified courses.

  • Understand concepts and importance of cyber security
  • Overview of attack vectors & life-cycle
  • Explore KALI Linux programming essentials
  • Network scanning with active & passive reconnaissance
  • Understand and explore metasploit framework
  • Reverse and Blind TCP shell
  • Overview and crafting of shell code
  • Buffer overflows
  • OWASP & Security of web applications, OPWASP vulnerabilities, browser exploitation, SQL injection & XSS attacks
  • Mobile hacking & smartphone pentest framework
  • Tracing malware, with Static and Dynamic analysis