NG Networks | 100% Job Guarantee | Cisco Training

NG Networks | 100% Job Guarantee | Cisco Training

Corporate Training

Real-time Experience & Training

NG Networks is the first institute that offers the kind of corporate training to students which can enhance their practical skills in a professional environment and give them confidence of working in the IT & Networking sector with a real time training module that consists of corporate training to tackle the common day issues of IT students. NG Networks offers a 100% placement program and for this it is necessary that its students are well equipped with the problems and issues that they can be expected to face during their professional lives, and have knowledge on how to solve those problems on their own. NG Networks, by shaping its students into candidates are ready to serve in the IT & Networking industry have not just made record breaking industry placements in the past few years, but also endeavoured to help the IT industry of India.

Even the best recruitment company in Delhi NCR can only offer job interviews, but NG Networks aims to polish and shape the careers of many IT professionals are not merely looking for knowledge but are interested in enhancing their technical skills and get a good package. The training module for all the courses offered by NG Networks is designed with rigorous analysis, keeping in mind the requirements of the IT industry. NG Networks is a one stop shop when it comes to corporate/organizational training. It is committed to the cause of delivering excellence in quality by designing up to date soft skills and practical training programs. It gives corporate training and performance enhancement solutions in areas like leadership training, negotiations coaching etc. Since NG has tie-ups with a variety of companies, it does understand the need to customize training as every company has its own set of norms. Important skills such as presentation skills, time management, finance management and tweaking words to suit the need of the situation are all provided here.

The kind of 100% practical training which is being offered by NG Networks has made it one of the best IT institutes in Delhi NCR to learn Networking and Cisco certified course CCNA, Cisco certified course CCNP, and Cisco certified course CCIE, which are the top choice of students willing to work in this industry. The four step training module at NG Networks, which encompasses the needs of communication skills, technical skills, real time knowledge and real time training with work experience, tackled one of the major problems in the sector of IT and Networking in India. As the number of graduates are increasing every year, but very 80% of them remain unemployed, the concept which the founder of NG Networks, Mr. Nitin Goswami, took into consideration was one that has gained popularity with its new concept in the market. The institute has set teachings of technical skills and offering placements without the need of certification, as its niche, thus being the premiere IT institute in Delhi NCR that offers 100% placement guarantee to its students, without the fear of failure.

The sole aim of the institute is to create efficiently professional beings who are not only enthusiastic to work in the sector of IT & Networking but are also well equipped with the technical requirements and relevant expertise for their job profiles, thus being able to handle from simple to complex it & Networking issues with efficacy. The students are trained by industry experts who are renowned for their encouraging approach towards students and who pay attention to each student during the course of their corporate training, in order them help them grow both individually as an IT professional and also encourage them to work in a team with a professional work attitude. NG Networks is the premiere institute in Delhi NCR that does not focus on examinations and certifications in order to place their students with some of the best IT firms and Networking companies in India. By promising and successfully delivering 100% job placements with an annual package of up to 4 lacs to 12 lacs per annum, thus surpassing any professional job placement agency in Delhi NCR, NG Networks has set its name in the top IT institutes across India with an excellent training and placement module.

The corporate training emphasizes on making students ready for the corporate world. Their communication skills are paid special attention t, in order to help them interact with their trainers, be able to solve queries efficiently, and to face interviews confidently. Special emphasis is given to English grammar and sentence formations with exercises such as role plays. The students are also encouraged to pay attention to technical understanding, rather than theoretical knowledge. Many students who are willing to get equipped with Cisco CCNA, Cisco CCNP, Cisco CCIE in India, choose NG Networks for the course training and to get guaranteed 100% job placement. NG Networks with its excellent placement services has left behind even the best recruitment firms and placement agencies in Delhi NCR.