NG Networks | 100% Job Guarantee | Cisco Training

NG Networks | 100% Job Guarantee | Cisco Training

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a technology that uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses. NG Networks offers real time project training with code explanation and implementation for cloud computing that enables the aspirants of the IT & Networking industry to get hand on training and get well equipped with the understanding of the cloud computing concepts and technologies. Our training modules are completely designed according to current IT market. Student will go through the training of Strong knowledge of hardware and networking as a complimentary package before starting of Cloud Computing.

The Cloud computing course will teach you the important technologies which are related to Cloud Computing as well as their importance and practical implementations. One would be able to understand the different architectural cloud computing models, various concepts of virtualization as well as cloud orchestration and will get first hand experience with popular features and platforms like Google App Engine, Amazon Web Service, and IBM Bluemix. AT NG Networks you will also be able to learn about advanced cloud programming programs like Hadoop's MapReduce, concepts such as Big Data analysis, mining tools as well as techniques for cloud application development plus deploying and using of cloud storage, creating and configuring of virtual machines as well as data analysis on cloud with tools for data mining.

By taking up this course one would be able to understand the unique concepts and technologies related to cloud computing, architecture of different cloud models such as IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, big data analysis tools, principles in cloud virtualization, data management cloud storage, data visualization, various cloud programming platforms, Google's 'Go' programming, cloud storage, application deployment, concepts in Google app Engine as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS), and MapReduce programming models.

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NG Networks offers the best training module for IT & Networking courses with 100% practical training and real-time experience, as well as 100% job placement guarantee which is just like professional placement agencies in Delhi NCR. With NG Networks one can get training in the course they are interested in and get jobs at the best IT MNCs in India. With the innovative training methodologies used at the institute and the kind of trainers that they have there is no doubt that the placement services they offer are better than the best recruitment companies in Delhi NCR, and NG Networks is one of the best institute for IT & Networking Cisco certified courses.

  • Real time project training
  • Professional documentations
  • Updated training modules with current IT trends
  • Relevant reference information
  • Detailed instructions designed on a real-world case study scenarios
  • Cutting edge presentations and class notes