NG Networks | 100% Job Guarantee | Cisco Training

NG Networks | 100% Job Guarantee | Cisco Training


NG Network offers BGP and MPLS course for IT & Networking aspirants, which focuses on the basic knowledge as well as in-depth understanding of Border Gateway Protocol and Multiprotocol Label Switching. The course covers Routing Basics and Principles, with a detailed understanding of aspects such as Path Selection and Attributes, Interior Gateway Protocols and Exterior Gateway Protocols, Routing Basics for InterDomain, BGP understanding, EBGP Sessions, IBGP Sessions, Capabilities Negotiation as well as Multiprotocol Extensions, Session Establishment, LoopBack Address Peering, TCP 3way Handshake, MD5 authentication, Active Mode and Passive Mode, EBGP-Multihopvs TTL-Security, Routing BlackHole, with a larger focus on learning configuration for BGP Timers, GRE Tunnel Interface peering, troubleshoot and monitor peering with GRE Tunnel Interface, knowledge of Route Reflectors as well as Confederations, Inbound and Outbound Route Maps, Route selection, BGP Multi-Exit Discriminator ( MED ), and Advance MED Configurations. Besides this, the students will also learn about how to Implement Changes in BGP Policy, and knowledge of Route Filtering in BGP as well as to monitor, optimize and troubleshoot BGP Convergence and BGP Processes.

Industry experts acting as trainers at the NG Networks institute will teach the students about MPLS Forwarding, Terminology, Control and operation, with special focus on MPLS Architecture as well as LDP Configuration, MPLS Label Stacking and Distribution Protocols, MPLS MTU, MPLS VPN, Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF), Static PE-CE Routing, Route Distinguisher (RD), Route Target Export and Import (RT), OSPF Down bit, Backdoor and Sham Link, OSPF routing as well as superbackbone Concept, PE-CE Routing Protocol-EIGRP Route Propagation with concepts for EIGRP Site of Origin (SoO) Attribute and implementation of BGP PE-CE Routing Protocol as well as Verification, Deployment Scenarios with CSC, VPN Internet Access Topologies and Implementation Methods, plus Pseudo Wire Reference Model, Traceroute and TTL Behavior in MPLS Networks and much more.

NG Networks offers the best training module for IT & Networking courses with 100% practical training and real-time experience, as well as 100% job placement guarantee which is just like professional placement agencies in Delhi NCR. With NG Networks one can get training in the course they are interested in and get jobs at the best IT MNCs in India. With the innovative training methodologies used at the institute and the kind of trainers that they have there is no doubt that the placement services they offer are better than the best recruitment companies in Delhi NCR, and NG Networks is one of the best institute for IT & Networking Cisco certified courses.

Besides the advanced features of BGP Protocol as well as advanced MPLS VPN networks implementation and troubleshooting, design, configuration, and monitor are taught with implementation into Inter-AS VPNs and Carrier Supporting Carrier (CsC).

  • Configuration, management, troubleshoot of BGP advanced features
  • Implement enhanced features of BGP
  • Configure and Implement MPLS VPN internetworks
  • Troubleshoot MPLS Virtual Private Networks operational issues